We would like to introduce 29 high quality bulls for the 2018 breeding season.  27 purebred Simmentals & two 3/4 bloods, yearlings and one 18 month olds in both black and red.  ALL bulls are polled and ALL of the reds are non-diluted.  No matter your breeding goals:  red or black, cows or heifers, pounds at weaning, replacement heifers or fed cattle; we have a bull to fit your needs.


The bulls have been developed on a high roughage ration to insure fertility and many years of trouble-free service.  You will see an excellent ability to convert roughage to gain with genetics that have been bred into them, as a result of a 39 year AI program.  The ability to do this well on a high roughage diet is increasingly important with today’s high feed costs.


In 2008 we had the opportunity to follow a load of our steers through the feedlot and collect carcass information on them.  These genetics have done exceptionally well.  They went 88% choice, 79% Y1 & Y2 and yielded 64%.  Had these cattle been sold on the 70/70 beef program, they would have returned a $42 premium over and above anything paid the day they were killed.  No matter what grid you’re selling fed cattle on, these genetics flat out get the job done.


All bulls have been on a complete vaccination program since birth and are on the best mineral program available, provided to us by High Plains Nutrition.


All bulls are guaranteed breeders through the first season.  If any bull fails to be a breeder, a replacement will be furnished, if available.  A credit will be given toward the purchase of another bull for the amount of the purchase price.  There is a $50 a head discount for the purchase of two or more bulls and another $50 discount if the bull(s) are hauled the same day as purchased.  Feeding and delivery options available.  Bulls become the property and therefore the risk of the purchaser after it is sold.  We guarantee the bull to be healthy when sold.  Any death or injury after the animal is sold is at the buyer’s risk.


Our cowherd is run very much the way many commercial herds are run.  They graze well into January and February each year while calving unassisted, weaning a big calf and breeding back in a 45 day breeding period.


We invite you to call and set up a time to view the bulls.  Anyone viewing the bulls is at their own risk.  A/H Cattle Company or Hub City Livestock will not be held responsible for any personal injury while on the premises.


If you have any questions or need more information feel free to call.


Thanks for your interest,

The Hansens